Our values

To be “Handy” means being good with your hands! More powerful than a declaration of faith or a statement of intent, the pun between HANDY and HANDI summarizes the attitude behind the HANDYSOIE project. An innovative approach which aims to create a team bringing together people from a range of professions including the textile sector, other sectors and handicapped workers.

Alternative recruitment methods

Handysoie has chosen to use the particularly effective MRS* system developed by the French job center, Pôle Emploi. *Méthode de Recrutement par Simulation (Simulation Recruitment Methodology) Labeled by the French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission in 2006, this method closely identifies appropriate candidates using a series of tests and matches them with vacant positions. The system – that does not consider age, sex, origin, education and professional experience – produces incredibly pertinent results. Manual skills, which are the fundamental basis for our recruitment, are detected, identified and revealed by the system. Selected candidates are guided through a training program which creates concrete opportunities for successful occupational retraining and professional progression in Handysoie’s workshop.


It is unjust not to recognize the everyday difficulties experienced by people with disabilities and their families. But it is also a mistake to feel a false sense of relief that we are not ourselves disabled, hence avoiding deeper inner questioning and examination of our environment. At Handysoie, we promise to look each other straight in the eye, to accept our strengths and weaknesses whatever they may be, and most importantly to recognize our respective abilities, particularly when they are complementary.

Building bridges

In today’s world where relations are facilitated by the speed of transport and electronic communication, there will always be an important place for deliberate acts which put people – who may be hesitant and timid – in contact with the business world.

Thousands of bridges are being built at Handysoie over time – bridges between generations, diverse professions, historical rivals, the able and the disabled, standard and sheltered workplaces, and classic and socially responsible economies.

We are also determined to bring down historical borders between men’s and women’s clothing on one hand, and between clothing and home textiles on the other.