In the vast world of women’s clothing, we have decided to focus our expertise on scarves, textile bags and pouches in an unlimited range of shapes and materials.

We propose a wide range of finishes for women’s scarves. The choice between a hand-rolled hem (French or Italian), fine machine-stitched hem (with contrasting colors or tone-or-tone), flat hems usually depend on the fabric and the targeted clientele.

Whether they be silk, cashmere or cotton, square, triangular or long rectangles, narrow or wide, scarves cover your neck and hair, protect you from the elements, can be worn as a belt, on your wrist or to personalize your handbag.

Hand-roll-hemmed scarves

Hand-rolling is an essential hand sewing craft.
French- or Italian-rolled?

The technique is the same: the seamstress rolls the edge of the piece of fabric in their fingers until they have a sufficiently tight and firm roll that is also sufficiently supple and puffed. They then sew it by hand with practically invisible stitches.

The hem is rolled inwards for the French-style. For the Italian-style it is rolled outwards.
An eye-catching hand-rolled hem caresses the hand and neck, enhancing the pattern and colors with a delicately fashioned frame. Men and women wearing a hand-rolled scarf see and feel the difference with their eyes, the touch of a hand, and on the neck.


Handysoie is passionate about and fascinated by all embroidery techniques from around the world.

From the simplest techniques such as personalized initial embroidery to the more complex which require special looms and needles.
At Handysoie, we refuse to resort to the brutal facility of machines.
All Handysoie embroideries are hand-crafted, which makes them unique.
Handysoie embroidery is not brutally stitched on to the fabric. On the contrary, it is delicately stitched, giving the fabric a noble quality. Hand-crafted embroidery blends with the fabric, developing a unique tender relationship that cultivates an everlasting and rich exchange.