Specialized items

Handysoie has decided to explore new worlds – sport, beach, personal care – following in the footsteps of young innovative designers.

All our products – including a range of items from fluorescent cycling vests, bath towels, napkins for disabled adults or back support belts with pockets for removable poultices


The creator Delphine Chartron outsources the fabrication of her fun, comical fluorescent vests for the VASIMIMILE brand.

Court dress

When Giséle Barnades contacted us over a year ago, we never imagined how significant this project would become. Our close working relationship has blossomed into an important project for back support belts with pockets for removable poultices for the RICINCTURA brand.

Court dress

Handysoie is building a long-term partnership with the ARTISAN COSTUMIER workshop, specialized in the fabrication of uniforms for the legal profession, fraternities and show business. An amusing flashback for Handysoie’s founder who was once a corporate lawyer!