The workshop

Handysoie is a high-quality textile workshop providing excellent service to their customers. We are a recognized EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), French certification for excellence in traditional and industrial know-how.


A small company with a human touch, Handysoie has chosen an innovative, human approach to provide opportunities for people in difficulty to return to the workforce by developing their meticulous manual skills.


“To be Handy” means to be good with your hands!

Important dates

2011 The workshop was created with support from a major Paris fashion house.

2012 ASTER, the first team of seamstresses was recruited.

2013 First export customer and the recruitment of another team, BLEUET.

2014  Award for business with a social conscience for the Rhône-Alpes region (Trophées de l’entrepreneuriat social et solidaire)

2015 Arrival of the 3rd team: COSMOS

2016 Sharp increase in market share and the number of new customers

2017 Arrival of the 4th team: DAHLIA

Our commitments

– We adhere to your quality standards

– We adapt to your requirements

– We provide solutions

– We respect our promises

– We work towards smooth interchange so you choose Handysoie as your long-term, reliable supplier for your products.