Ties’ making

What qualities do you expect from the tie about which you dream?

If the design motives and the colours of a tie are important to attract the eye of the one who will choose it, you should not minimize the importance of the intrinsic qualities of the feeling touch, the fall, the lightness of movement , and  the firmness in its finishing touch.
In fact, the stake, is the general harmony which will prevail the choice of the “elected tie” among all the others.

Handysoie workshop offers a wide choice of possible characteristics combinations: interlining 100 % wool or composite? Ties in 2 or 3 flaps? Ties in 2, 3, 4 or 6 folds?

A basic constant: the mounting and the sewing will be hand-made so that each tie can make its voice heard to the needlewoman.

The hand-sewing technic of the tie respects its identity and enables,  all along  the creation process, its major unique artisanal specificities.

– It’s vertebral column “axis”.

– It’s lightness of movement.

– It’s good holding fall.

This tie will be alive. This tie will be vibrant.

It will fit and enhance the rest of the dressing. A real partner for the one who will wear it.