Handy or Handi

Are we not all Handicapped persons somewhere? Disabled by life circumstances? Disabled in the heart? Or according to society standards?

Handicapped persons and their relatives live everyday life marked out by difficulties.

It is not right to ignore this situation.

It is however erroneous to get wrapped in an apparent kind of relief of not being oneself handicapped, omitting to examine more deeper in oneself and around self.

Within Handysoie workshop, we promised each other to look straight in each other’s eyes, while assuming our strengths and weaknesses, whatever the nature of it, and to always recognize above all, our respective abilities, particularly when they are complementary.

TO BE HANDY, means “to be skilful with one’s hands”.
More powerful than a declaration of faith or an intention of statement, this pun between HANDY and HANDI summarizes as a whole our motivations and objectives, our state of mind in the implementation of the project HANDYSOIE; this founder plan is to bring together in the same place, in a completely ordinary workshop, people identified as valid and handicapped people working together.