“Pont-Eveque Embroidery”?  Have you heard about it? Are you joking?

Handysoie does not claim to have “invented” a particular regional technical embroidery concept from the “Isère, intended to become a recognized international reference.

Handysoie is passionate and is curious of about all the various technics of embroidery specific to all countries of the world.

From the simplest technics of customized embroidery, including personalized initials, up to the most complex ones, requiring specific spinning or tapestry frames and needles.
The peculiarities of Handysoie’s embroideries: Handysoie is incompatible with the rough and ordinary, easy common ease of machines.
Handysoie’s embroideries are hand-made craft. They are thus unique.

Handysoie’s embroideries are not brutally imposed upon the support on which they have to hang on.

On the contrary, they settle delicately, having found the best way of ennobling their support, the artisan worker.
The “hand-made” embroidery sets with its support, unique friendship and affectionate links that forever feed their beautiful conversation.