Another Way to Recruit

How to reconcile the egalitarian precepts of anonymous CV, increasingly, standardized, deceiving cover letters with a contractor’s basic requirements enabling him to identify persons who will efficiently, sustainably and harmoniously constitute his team, at the heart of the success of his economical project.

Handysoie chose to use a particularly effective tool, developed by POLE EMPLOI: SRM (Simulation Recruiting Method).

Labelled by the HALDE in 2006, this method is based on a detailed analysis of know-how and life skills to be implemented in the supplied jobs and, on the use of a combination of tests to identify, the most capable persons among all the candidates.

The incredible report resulting at the end of the process, is based on the relevance of the applied selection which forgets age, sex, origin, prejudices, initial training, and professional experience.

Deep personal skills discerned, identified and proved, become the foundation upon which the recruitment fastens itself.